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AMREF rescuers airlift 14 students after deadly Kisii bus crash - Coastweek

AMREF rescuers airlift 14 students after deadly Kisii bus crash - Coastweek -

(Xinhua) --

Kenyan rescuers including police and the African
Medical Research Foundation (AMREF) airlifted 14 out of the 62
students involved in a deadly school bus accident, which claimed
12 lives on Thursday.

An AMREF aircraft flew four critically wounded students from
the western town of Kisii, about 320 km from the capital
Nairobi, for further treatment at the Kenyatta National Hospital
(KNH), while a police helicopter brought in 10 other students.

"We received news of the accident involving the 62 students
and we have been preparing to receive them," said Dr Simeon
Monda, acting CEO of KNH.

The hospital said surgeons were ready to operate on some of
the critically wounded students.

"The government has acted quickly and ordered this
evacuation," Monda said.

He added that a team of neurosurgeons and other specialists
were ready to handle the wounded.

The bus ferrying students from various schools in western
Kenya crashed and rolled several times, killing eight of the
students heading to a school musical festival. Four teachers
were among the dead in the accident.

Akelo Misori, the chairman of the Kenya Union of Post Primary
Teachers Union (KUPPET), said the students were under the care
of the teachers from the union.

Kenyan teachers have been on a three-week strike over the
payment of allowances.

Misori said the difficulties involving the airlift of the
injured students called to the urgent need to upgrade the local
health facilities in all the provinces.

"We have our teachers in the field. We will give the children
the necessary support," Misori said.

Kenyan government spokesman Muthui Kariuki said the
government was investigating the circumstances leading to the
deadly accident which occurred late on Wednesday.

Earlier, President Uhuru Kenyatta instructed ministers to
assist with the evacuation of the students from the accident

Most of the injured students remained in Kisii, but the 14
students, some of whom suffered serious wounds, including spine
injuries, were receiving treatment at government expenses.

"We have mobilized adequate space for the admission of the
injured students. We have ensured that the hospital has enough

"We are prepared for 20 patients and we have the beds ready,"
said Health cabinet secretary, James Macharia.

School accidents involving students in Kenya are common,
often resulting in high casualties.

The government has been put on the spotlight for the regular
flouting of the transport regulations.

Professor Jacob Kaimenyi, the cabinet secretary for
education, said the country’s transport policy for schools
appeared to have been flouted especially with an overloaded
school bus having been driven at night.

"We will take action against those involved. But currently,
we have decided to deploy Counsellors to help the families
involved," Kaimenyi said.

Govt to foot bills for Kisii accident victims - Capital FM Kenya

Govt to foot bills for Kisii accident victims - Capital FM Kenya -
14 of the victims were on Thursday night airlifted to the Kenyatta National Hospital for specialised treatment

14 of the victims were on Thursday night airlifted to the Kenyatta National Hospital for specialised treatment

NAIROBI, Kenya, Jul 12 – The government has pledged to foot the bills incurred during the treatment of the students and teachers injured in Wednesday night’s road accident in Kisii.

Fourteen of the victims were on Thursday night airlifted to the Kenyatta National Hospital for specialised treatment as 40 others were still admitted to various hospitals in Kisii.

Government Spokesman Muthui Kariuki revealed that the County government of Kisii will waive the bill of those treated there.

Twelve people died in the crash when a bus carrying over 60 students and teachers from various schools in Marani division lost control and rolled several times.

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Thursday dispatched Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph ole Lenku and Inspector General of Police David Kimaiyo to Kisii to coordinate the exercise of ensuring the victims get proper treatment.

“The various government departments have moved with speed to act after the presidential directive. The government will ensure the best of healthcare is provided,” he said.

“We, unfortunately, lost four teachers and eight students; the government is still to establish what happened,” he explained.

Kenyatta National Hospital Chief Executive Officer Simon Monda said they had organised a special room in the emergency department for the victims.

“We have received 14 victims of which four have serious injuries but not in critical condition, some have fractures, but they are conscious. Our specialists are assessing them to see who will need special operation,” Monda said.

He also revealed that they were in constant communication on the fate of the rest left in Kisii. “The (medical) superintendent says the cases left there will be handled.”

President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto have sent condolence messages to families, relatives and friends affected by the tragedy.

In his condolence message, the president regretted the loss of innocent lives of students and their teachers who were on the way to enhance their sporting talents in extracurricular activities.

Kenyatta expressed concern over continued carnage in the country and called for maximum caution on the roads to avoid accidents and further loss of lives.

He further urged teachers and school boards to ensure school vehicles were at all times in good condition to avoid such tragedies.

In his condolence message, Deputy President William Ruto said it was saddening to lose innocent lives at such tender ages.

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